Let's Go Bitcoin

Why Bitcoin is better.

To keep things simple, we can say Bitcoin is currency. You likely have at least one kind of currency you use every day unless you’re broke. In that case, move along.


Why Bitcoin is better.

We built this site to help people understand Bitcoin and how it can serve them. So, the question remains; Why is Bitcoin better?

It can be hard to get past the hype, the politics and the tech when you are starting out in

Bitcoin, and while there will be a little bit of that here, we promise not to force-feed it to you like the mainstream media has.

Often times, Bitcoin finds itself being compared to something as profound and prolific as the Internet, and for a good reason.

Remember how the Internet was going to make everything better? You’d have the world’s information inside of an almost foreign looking electric box. Sending letters would be instant, you could shop anywhere anytime, your fave TV and movies would be just a click away, and arguments about who is the coolest member of the A-Team could be solved in mere seconds.

See? Not every tech promise is a bust.

Like most trends, the banks didn’t want to get left in the dust. Thus, resulting in the introduction of online banking. And that was…fine, or whatever, if giving away all of your information is your kink. As for us, we swing in another direction.

Now, with Bitcoin, the ante is upped: you - for the first time ever - cut out the middleman. The middleman you didn’t know that you never really needed. As a Bitcoin user, when you send or receive money, pay a bill, or hoard it like a fat kid with cake, you are banking. Not banking like standing-in-a-queue-waiting-for-a-teller banking, or balancing-your-check-book banking; you are banking. Like, office-with-a-view, I-have-the-keys-to-the-vault banking.

That’s one helluva alternative.

When you send your aunt Judi some very thoughtful Bitcoin birthday flowers, no one else is involved. You ran that show.

“But the Bitcoin network,” you say. “what about all of those miners, and exchanges and internets and things between me and Aunt Judi?”

Sure, the network is there like the Internet is there for an email or text message. The network is there, but you can tell the network as much or as little as you like about yourself to use it, and you can switch off whenever you like.

And, yes there are fees. But these are the exact fees needed to run the network and secure Bitcoin. They are not paying for fancy sparkling water in boardrooms, private jets, or lobbyists, or advertising. These fees go right back into making the Bitcoin community what it is; amazing.

If that ain't enough for you, there's more. Bitcoin is better to use for a bunch of reasons:

Bright features: If you want to get fancy, you can set up shared wallets for a family pool of money, running a club, or business.

It's a ledger: Transactions are recorded in the blockchain, meaning you have a front row seat to the live process of a transaction. No more waiting overnight for banks to do bank stuff.

While everyone else waits without their money, you know exactly where yours is.

It moves: Bitcoin is a global citizen that can move with you and move around the world in minutes. Go to the North Pole, ask us to send you some Bitcoin, and see how fast it gets there.

We dare ya.

Savings + Growth: Its value grows and is deflationary. There is a set number of Bitcoin available, so no single person, government or bank can print more. This means you don't have to worry about your Bitcoin lifelessly sitting in a savings account doing nothing until you poke it with a stick. It’s always alive!

Ballin’ out: If you use Bitcoin, you’re a baller. It just makes you cool. Well, at least we think so. You certainly get bragging rights at the party when you paid for your ride and the elegant wine you brought with Bitcoin.

With that, we’ll leave you with one of our favorite defining quotes about Bitcoin and how it’s going to reshape the future of finance.

What the internet did for information, Bitcoin is doing for money.
— Eric Benz