Let's Go Bitcoin

Who is Bitcoin for?

To keep things simple, we can say Bitcoin is currency. You likely have at least one kind of currency you use every day unless you’re broke. In that case, move along.


Who is Bitcoin for?

If you use money, Bitcoin is for you. Boom.

That’s the short answer.

The long answer is that there are certainly specific demographics of people who can benefit more than others when it comes to using Bitcoin every day. While we can’t wait for the day that all SUV-driving soccer moms are a part of that demographic, the truth is we’re simply just not there yet.

But that’s okay!

We’ll get there. Much like we did when it came to driving cars and using the Internet. And those things took way longer to adapt to than the use of this digital cryptocurrency.

So, who can benefit most from Bitcoin right now? With millions of international users, some demographics might come as a surprise to you, but more importantly, you're likely already a part of one.

Who is Bitcoin for?

The Freelancer

For freelancers, Bitcoin is the cherry on top of your home office cake. You’ve mastered the art of going boss-free, so why not take it a step further by being even more in control of your income? Not only does it allow you the option to accept a new form of payment from your current clients, but it also creates the opportunity for you to reach Bitcoin users like us who are always looking for people and businesses that accept Bitcoin. We'll probably even pay you more than you asked just for being awesome enough to accept Bitcoin.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, SEO specialist, or writer, incorporating Bitcoin into your work can improve your business drastically.

The Online Shop Owner

If there’s anyone who understands your struggles, it’s us. We know first hand how hard it is to accept payments from customers and clients online without forking it all over to those dreaded credit card companies and the folks that help you process them. 2.9% PLUS .30 cents for every transaction?! Get the heck outta here.

With Bitcoin, your clientele will pay pennies to send you money, and you’ll just keep on delivering them awesome products.

That is a serious win for everyone.

The Newbie Investor

It’s no secret that some people out there use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in hopes of getting rich quick.

We can’t deny that this has happened to some early adopters who happened to be in the right place at the right time. If you’re thinking of learning about the returns of Bitcoin, start out with a small investment of $5 and see how it rises. Based on the predictions, it could be the best $5 you’ve ever spent.

The Techie

We can’t think of many people in tech that haven’t already heard of cryptocurrencies, but there is still a small percentage of those in tech who have seriously adopted Bitcoin as a means of currency.

For the tech-minded folks, we can’t help but ask what’s holding you back. This is a language you speak! Dive in, get familiar, and incorporate Bitcoin into your already tech-centered life.

The Migrant Worker

We can’t stress this one enough. If you’ve gone overseas to gain financial security for you and your family, the very last thing you want are for your funds to get caught up in fees and processing times that can equate to days. You went abroad to be able to provide for your family, not leave them hanging for something that is entirely out of your control.

With Bitcoin, you’re able to get your money to who needs to most, right when they need it.

The Digital Nomad

If the freelancer is boss independent, and the digital nomad is location independent with freelancing traits, they may as well make a baby and name it “Currency Independent.”

As we talked about here, Bitcoin is the currency of the world. You can use it anywhere, you can convert it to any other currency, and the fees are minimal. By accepting Bitcoin as a digital nomad, you give yourself the opportunity to earn more, keep things simple by using one or two currencies, and forget about having to set up multiple bank accounts or fumbling around with tons of payment methods.

The Expat

Similar to migrant workers, expats deal with the annoyance of remittance. Sending money back to your home country to pay off college debt or helping family out can be a hurdle. If you have a bill due and Western Union fudges the transfer, then that puts you in the position of being late.

Get things done quickly and wave bye-bye to the third party institutions and fees.

The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are the world’s risk-takers. They envision what is already there but could be improved, or they come up with lucrative ideas out of thin air. Some call them crazy, but as the saying goes, “The difference between insanity and genius is measured only by success and failure.” Which is exactly why incorporating Bitcoin into your business could take things up a notch. If major airlines, companies like Overstock, and hotels accept it, why can’t you?

The Millennial

We remember setting up our first bank accounts - ah, the vision of that teller trying to convince us to set up a CD to make a few hundred bucks a year is as laughable today as it was when we had no money to put in a savings account altogether.

Let’s face it. The world was not set up for the youth to thrive. When you think of college debt, health care, rent prices hiking, and all of the other politically driven aspects in our lives, it’s clear that that old system developed by suits and ties is just not working.

Millennials do things digitally. There’s a generation behind us that will never know life pre- Internet. Why not adopt a currency that cuts out all of the negatives in between your hard earned money and you?

The Anarchist

We get it. You’re frustrated with the system. The banks have - for lack of a better term - laughed all the way to the bank, they’ve repossessed your homes after saying they had the money to help you buy the home, and they haven’t suffered any repercussions for their shady acts.

We know the banksters are hard to stomach, and as of this moment, it doesn’t seem like it’ll get too much better unless something radical happens. Money is power, and if we can stick to Bitcoin’s core values by disbanding those in power, the room for improvement is limitless.


Bitcoin is for everyone!